Bilet | Naturalna Rewolucja
Bilet Naturalna Rrwolucja
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Crochet Cotton Coasters | Table Decoration | Drink Coasters | Flower Coasters | Home Decor

The Natural Crochet Flower Coasters are perfect for your Eco friendly, sweet home. Set of Four or Set of Six 100% cotton yarn diameter: 4.13″ (10.5 cm) If you wish a different colors feel free contact with me 🙂

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Crochet Dishcloth | Facecloth | Cleaning Cloth | Eco Friendly | Set of Two

A pretty, unique heart dishcloths (facecloths, cleaning cloths) are a must have for an Eco friendly home. Set of two in a gorgeous color combination. Eco friendly. Hand crochet from 100% cotton yarn. approx. 7.5″ (19x19cm) Sizes may vary slightly … Continued

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Soap Saver Bag | Cotton Soap Holder | Soap Bag Crochet | Cotton Heart Bag

Cotton Soap Sack, Cotton Soap Holder, Eco Friendly, Soap Bag Crochet, Heart Bag The unique, beautiful crochet Soap Saver Bags with delicate heart and with drawstrings. Pop in a bar of soap or lots of bits, pull the drawstrings tight … Continued

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